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The Toronto waterfront is second to none, with an amazing city skyline, island lagoons, beautiful beaches and access to a number of great restaurants.  It would be a shame not to take it in on your own private yacht for the day.


The Toronto Harbour is second to none.  With astonishing views of the CN Tower, beautiful beaches and your choice of amazing restaurants, how could you not check it out? 


If the timing is right, an air plane from Porters Island Airport will fly right over us during your tour of the harbour -  so close you feel like you could reach up and touch it!

Island Lagoons

Toronto Island is home to a series of beautiful connecting channels and lagoons that are best seen by boat.  Catch a glimpse of the many different species of birds while there.

Head to the island for a BBQ and enjoy the scenery - this is truly an oasis within the city!

Hanlan's / Ward's / Cherry Beach

Hanlans Point Beach is a located on the West side of Toronto Island.  But the shy beware, the south half of this beach is clothing optional!

Hanlans Point is a haven for boaters to turn up the music, swim and enjoy the hot sunny Toronto summer

There is also Wards Island Beach on the eastern side of the island, generally more quiet and less busy than Hanlans.

Toronto Island

NEW:  Niagara on the Lake Wine and Beer Tours

Niagara on the Lake is one of Canada's premiere wine producing regions.  The trip across the lake takes approximately 90 minutes at cruising speed.

This trip is our only standard full day trip starting early in the morning and returning in the evening.

You will be required to book yourself into an early afternoon wine or beer tour.

NEW:  Scarborough Bluffs

NEW: Hanlan's Movie Night

The Scarborough Bluffs are located approximately 20kms east of downtown Toronto. The escarpment forms part of the old shoreline of the Glacial Lake Iroquois, formed after the last ice age. The eroded alluvial deposits from the Bluffs then settled westward to form the Toronto Islands.

Enjoy the hour long trip each way at cruising speed as we make our way east of the city

For our most unique experience, enjoy an outdoor movie on the island.  View your favorite (appropriate) public flick on our 15 foot media screen.  Also a fun presentation method for showing late night presentations.

Movie Night